Where did all the time go?

After spending another day off my day job, yep you guessed it, working at my day job – I sat wondering where all my time went so far this year. I mean heck! It’s almost the end of March already and I’m no-where near completing the things I wanted to. Now some of this is due to my awesome skills of procrastination, then there’s my day job/all the time of managing a very busy retail customer service team and wanting to make the most of what very little social time I have to spend with family and friends. But still, it’s almost April, which means its almost my birthday, which means its only 2 months from mid year. Argh!

I have at least managed to complete 7, yes you heard right, 7 of my goals I set out for this year. But now I’m beginning to wonder how many more I’m actually going to hit in whats left of this year. I can hear you all shouting at me that there’s still 9 months left of the year, but you know, that whole procrastination thing…

So I think I need a new plan. One that involved spending less time at ‘work’ (I often hit over 60 hours a week just there), and one that gives me more time to do the things I want to do. Days out with family, hours to craft and make things from fabric and wood, time to write what I want to write (something that’s got to be done if I ever want to finish that darn book), time to see things and visit places I’ve always wanted to. And time to love. So here’s to new plans and having someone very special behind me, supporting and encouraging in everything  do.

A glorious day in the park

A glorious day in the park


Sunday Snippets #2

Sunday Snippets – your new sneak peak into my worlds and characters. Each Saturday I’ll aim to give you a new insight into my current ‘work in progress’. This might be a piece of the story, some character information or some history on the larger world I’m building around this series of stories.

Snippet # 2

Character detail

Name: Waldo Findizzy

Race: Winter Gnome

Age: 172

Height: 3ft 6”

Description: Waldo has scraggly copper hair, a large round nose and wide blue eyes. He has dark earthy skin (often because he’s covered in soot and smoke). He wears tattered clothes to avoid ruining his more extravagant ones when conducting some of his more explosive experiments. He is eccentric and flaky but kind and loyal to those he calls friend. He’s seen as a mischief-maker by most, as they see the mishaps more than his successes in his experiments and crafts.

Lives: Ta’Rainore

Occupation: Mechanical engineer (tinker)

Other: He has affinity with animals, often keeping the strangest creatures as pets and seemingly able to communicate with them.

And there you have it for this week! Tune in next week for another Sunday Snippet.

Sunday Snippets #1

Sunday Snippets – your new sneak peak into my worlds and characters. Each Saturday I’ll aim to give you a new insight into my current ‘work in progress’. This might be a piece of the story, some character information or some history on the larger world I’m building around this series of stories.

Snippet 1

“Wahoo! It’s working Elmore, it’s actually working.” Leaning over the basket Waldo flailed his arms, waving at the sea of confused faces below him as the balloon began to expand and lift the basket from the ground.

“Waldo! Waldo hurry, do something!”

“Yikes Elmore, what are you doing?” Waldo shrieked as he peeked over the edge of the basket and spied Elmore hopping on one foot, the ground ropes tangled around him.

“Waldo, I can’t get free, you’ve got to land.” Panicking, Elmore kicked his foot out while pulling against the ropes as they wound tighter about his leg while the balloon rose higher into the air.


And there you have it for the first week! Tune in next week for another Sunday Snippet.

New Year New Me

February is nearly here – where the hell did January go?! I swear I missed a few days somewhere along the way. But in reality, I know I’ve been busier than ever at work and for a change my social life has been quite active too. I even managed to get some writing in too which must mean things are on the up.

I spent a wonderful weekend in Brighton with my fella Paul, collecting swag from the 2p machines before watching the sunset and having dinner on the pier. All very romantic.

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier


So with a new set of goals – though only 50 this year, I learned that having 100 might have been a little too challenging – I’m aiming to update my blog with my progress. And yes, that means that even if I’ve not achieved anything I’ll tell you, and you can all kick my butt (but not too hard please).


Goals completed: 0

Words written: 850



2013 Wrap Up


So at the beginning of this year, I set myself a list of 100 goals, rather than New Year’s resolutions – because who sticks to those after January right? Well, I set 100 goals. I achieved 22 and am so close to finishing another 2. But alas, I won’t get any more finished now.

I’m not sure I’d call it a complete success, but I wouldn’t call it a failure either. I completed 22 activities that I would never have done before. So I’d say this is a plus. It’s also something I’m going to carry over to 2014. A new list of goals, perhaps not 100 of them, but certainly enough to challenge myself and achieve more than I have previously.


Here’s to seeing what 2014 brings. Happy New Year!


Well now. It’s November, and I realise I’ve not posted anything to my blog since July. But that’s not stopped people looking and making me feel bad for not having any new content. Eek! So I thought I’d try and write an update and let you know what I’ve been up to lately, but in reality that’s not all that much. Which, well, let’s be totally honest here – I had kind of given up on a lot of things.

Just recently (by recently I mean last weekend), I went to the World Fantasy Convention, which was held in Brighton in the UK for the first time in years, and it made me really miss writing and everything that went with it. I think I had just gotten myself so stressed that I forgot how much I love the creating of my own worlds and characters.

 So I’m getting myself right back into the swing of things. I’ve got a number of my outstanding goals that I had hoped to complete this year and not a lot of time left to do them in, as well as a number of half-finished projects that I’d like to get finished. And that’s my plan. Get things done. No more moping or feeling sorry for myself. I was going to attempt NaNoWrimo this year, but right now am not ready to put that kind of pressure on myself.

Are any of you attempting NaNo this year? If so, how are you getting on? Leave me a comment with your user name and I’ll buddy up to cheer you all along.

Talk at you soon!

Personal Preferences

This or That?

Everyone knows the ‘This or That’ game right? The game where you’re given two choices on wordplay, and have to pick your preference?  I thought I’d play a little game here, to give an insight into some of my favourite things. Some are also questions I get asked a lot my friends, so I thought I’d throw those in too.

Moon or Sun     Moon

Flowers or Chocolates     Flowers – Wild flowers to be precise

Dogs or Cats     Dogs

Mornings of Nights     Nights

Tea or Coffee     Tea

Sunset or Sunrise     Sunset

Texting or Talking     Both – I like waking up and finding a text from someone special in the morning, and talking to them as I fall asleep

A book or Kindle     This ones a toughie, but I’d go with a book

Stars or Clouds     Stars

Summer or Winter     Winter

Harry Potter or Twilight     Harry Potter

Chocolate or Vanilla     Vanilla

Coke or Pepsi     Pepsi

Fantasy or Reality     Reality, but often escape into fantasy through writing

Comedy or Horror     Comedy

Jelly or Ice Cream     Ice Cream

Pen or Pencil     Pen

Rain or Snow     Snow

Love or Money     Love

Movies or Reading     Movies
So there you have it. A little more about me and what I like. What would you choose?