Where did all the time go?

After spending another day off my day job, yep you guessed it, working at my day job – I sat wondering where all my time went so far this year. I mean heck! It’s almost the end of March already and I’m no-where near completing the things I wanted to. Now some of this is due to my awesome skills of procrastination, then there’s my day job/all the time of managing a very busy retail customer service team and wanting to make the most of what very little social time I have to spend with family and friends. But still, it’s almost April, which means its almost my birthday, which means its only 2 months from mid year. Argh!

I have at least managed to complete 7, yes you heard right, 7 of my goals I set out for this year. But now I’m beginning to wonder how many more I’m actually going to hit in whats left of this year. I can hear you all shouting at me that there’s still 9 months left of the year, but you know, that whole procrastination thing…

So I think I need a new plan. One that involved spending less time at ‘work’ (I often hit over 60 hours a week just there), and one that gives me more time to do the things I want to do. Days out with family, hours to craft and make things from fabric and wood, time to write what I want to write (something that’s got to be done if I ever want to finish that darn book), time to see things and visit places I’ve always wanted to. And time to love. So here’s to new plans and having someone very special behind me, supporting and encouraging in everything¬† do.

A glorious day in the park

A glorious day in the park


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