Sunday Snippets #2

Sunday Snippets – your new sneak peak into my worlds and characters. Each Saturday I’ll aim to give you a new insight into my current ‘work in progress’. This might be a piece of the story, some character information or some history on the larger world I’m building around this series of stories.

Snippet # 2

Character detail

Name: Waldo Findizzy

Race: Winter Gnome

Age: 172

Height: 3ft 6”

Description: Waldo has scraggly copper hair, a large round nose and wide blue eyes. He has dark earthy skin (often because he’s covered in soot and smoke). He wears tattered clothes to avoid ruining his more extravagant ones when conducting some of his more explosive experiments. He is eccentric and flaky but kind and loyal to those he calls friend. He’s seen as a mischief-maker by most, as they see the mishaps more than his successes in his experiments and crafts.

Lives: Ta’Rainore

Occupation: Mechanical engineer (tinker)

Other: He has affinity with animals, often keeping the strangest creatures as pets and seemingly able to communicate with them.

And there you have it for this week! Tune in next week for another Sunday Snippet.


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