Sunday Snippets #1

Sunday Snippets – your new sneak peak into my worlds and characters. Each Saturday I’ll aim to give you a new insight into my current ‘work in progress’. This might be a piece of the story, some character information or some history on the larger world I’m building around this series of stories.

Snippet 1

“Wahoo! It’s working Elmore, it’s actually working.” Leaning over the basket Waldo flailed his arms, waving at the sea of confused faces below him as the balloon began to expand and lift the basket from the ground.

“Waldo! Waldo hurry, do something!”

“Yikes Elmore, what are you doing?” Waldo shrieked as he peeked over the edge of the basket and spied Elmore hopping on one foot, the ground ropes tangled around him.

“Waldo, I can’t get free, you’ve got to land.” Panicking, Elmore kicked his foot out while pulling against the ropes as they wound tighter about his leg while the balloon rose higher into the air.


And there you have it for the first week! Tune in next week for another Sunday Snippet.


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