New Year New Me

February is nearly here – where the hell did January go?! I swear I missed a few days somewhere along the way. But in reality, I know I’ve been busier than ever at work and for a change my social life has been quite active too. I even managed to get some writing in too which must mean things are on the up.

I spent a wonderful weekend in Brighton with my fella Paul, collecting swag from the 2p machines before watching the sunset and having dinner on the pier. All very romantic.

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier


So with a new set of goals – though only 50 this year, I learned that having 100 might have been a little too challenging – I’m aiming to update my blog with my progress. And yes, that means that even if I’ve not achieved anything I’ll tell you, and you can all kick my butt (but not too hard please).


Goals completed: 0

Words written: 850