Personal Preferences

This or That?

Everyone knows the ‘This or That’ game right? The game where you’re given two choices on wordplay, and have to pick your preference?  I thought I’d play a little game here, to give an insight into some of my favourite things. Some are also questions I get asked a lot my friends, so I thought I’d throw those in too.

Moon or Sun     Moon

Flowers or Chocolates     Flowers – Wild flowers to be precise

Dogs or Cats     Dogs

Mornings of Nights     Nights

Tea or Coffee     Tea

Sunset or Sunrise     Sunset

Texting or Talking     Both – I like waking up and finding a text from someone special in the morning, and talking to them as I fall asleep

A book or Kindle     This ones a toughie, but I’d go with a book

Stars or Clouds     Stars

Summer or Winter     Winter

Harry Potter or Twilight     Harry Potter

Chocolate or Vanilla     Vanilla

Coke or Pepsi     Pepsi

Fantasy or Reality     Reality, but often escape into fantasy through writing

Comedy or Horror     Comedy

Jelly or Ice Cream     Ice Cream

Pen or Pencil     Pen

Rain or Snow     Snow

Love or Money     Love

Movies or Reading     Movies
So there you have it. A little more about me and what I like. What would you choose?


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