Where I write

My little writing space

My little writing space

Let me be honest here – I feel like I haven’t sat down to actually write something in so long, I’m wondering if I’m just not up to it. I always seem to find something else that seems more important at the time, when in reality I know that I’m just procrastinating.

Take today for example, the only reason I can show you a picture of my writing space is because I spent 70% of the day tidying it. Trust me…that place was a mess its no wonder I’ve not gotten anything done for so long! Paperwork, receipts, dirty mugs where I’d been drinking tea (note: tea, not that awful coffee that everyone else I know seems to drink).

I’m beginning to think all that clutter was just jarring my thoughts and sending me wandering off in the complete wrong direction.

So! On that note, let me tell you about my space. It’s clean, though who knows how long that’ll last, it’s small, but its suits me. I have views out into the back garden so can watch all the wild life I’ve been enticing in with new feeding stations and the like and it has plenty of light when the sun shines. I do most of my writing on my PC, but will occasionally uproot to the sofa bed behind my desk and use longhand or my notebook. Also not in the picture are my book cases, both crammed full with books to read by all my favourite authors, and then research books on mythology, crystal healing, and Victorian England among others.

On my pin board are little inspirational quotes, pictures of my friends and family, and lists of goals/tasks I want to achieve. It’s a wall of random and that’s the way it’ll stay.

The one thing I do need is  new chair. That thing is a killer on my back when I’m sitting there for more than 30 minutes. It’s likely to be the next big purchase I splurge on. I want comfort and lots of it!

I find I don’t need to sit here to get my work done. I’m one of those annoying people who can rock up anywhere and be able to immerse myself in a task and not get too distracted by noises and goings on around me. Don’t you just hate that?



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