2013 Goals update – 1

So at the beginning of the New Year, I set myself quite a large number of goals to try to achieve, rather than some silly resolution that I’d fail before the end of January was up. My list contains 100 different goals, a complete mix of things for work, personal achievements, hopes and dreams.

Sounds like I’m asking a lot from me right?


The idea of the goals was to look back over the year and say “Hey, look at you and the things you can do if you would only stop telling yourself you can’t”.

Now I know that there are a couple on my list that are just not going to be achievable this year, (like live in another country for 6 months), but that doesn’t mean that I won’t attempt them.

So this is me, checking in and sharing with you the ones I can tick off as done.

  • Post a blog for January
  • Post a blog for March

(So I managed to skip the Feb post – totally by accident of course, and not procrastination)

  • Catch a snowflake on my tongue

(Who knew it would STILL be snowing in March!?)

  • Visit the zoo – yay! I love things like this
  • Paint my nails a different colour and leave them for a week
  • Meet an online friend in person
  • Use the stairs where possible – No more lifts for me!
  • Have a memory jar

(I really need to start using this more often though)

  • Post a blog for April – ticked as soon as I hit the post button for this one!

So, that actually doesn’t seem like very many, when my list is 100 goals long.


I have a number of goals that are almost complete as we speak. I am half way through completing a colouring book (kinda silly, but there’s got to be some of those in a list 100 long!). I’m attempting to knit not one, but two tiny blankets as my brother and sister-in-law are expecting twin boys!

I’m halfway through my watch a movie I’ve never seen with each letter of the alphabet goal, and I’m at book 18 of a 100 – and those are just a few I’m in the middle of.

So yes, my goals are progressing nicely, four months into 2013. Now to conquer the world!



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