25 things you probably don’t know about me

1 – I won a newspaper baby competition and still have the picture

2 – I own far too many perfume, then re-buy the same two when they run out

3 – I’m a terrible swimmer

4 – I can’t whistle

5 – I sometimes get car sick

6 – I can’t go to sleep until all of the drawers and wardrobe in my room are closed.

7 – I love colouring books and can spend hours doing this

8 – I own over 200 books, and have only read about 50 of them

9 – I read the books posted to Wattpad a lot, hence my very large to be read pile

10 – I love to play tabletop games

11 – I’m awful at poker – I cannot keep the emotions from my face and make a terrible bluffer

12 – I have four tattoos

13 – My first ever concert was Take That – when they were still a 5’some

14 – The only bones I’ve broken are toe bones

15 – I always set my alarm to an odd number, and usually a minimum of 30 minutes before I need to

16 – I am definitely not a morning person

17 – It takes about 2 days after tidying my study for it to be a total mess again

18 – I worked at a petrol station and am trained to oversee the tanker deliveries

19 – I got a D at GSCE Maths, re-took it the following year at college and yep, you guessed it – got another D

20 – I worked in Accounts Payable for 5 years (Quite surprising with my Maths grade huh)

21 – I’ve watched the Top Gun movie more than I can count

22 – My biggest fear is ending up a lonely old spinster (though I don’t like spiders and creepy crawlies much either)

23 – My friends are scattered all over the world, including a childhood penpal from Jamaica who now teaches in Japan

24 – I’ve bitten my nails for almost 18 years and am pleased to say I finally stopped two years ago

25 – I can still play ‘London’s Burning’ on the recorder – just!


My baby competition winning photo

My baby competition winning photo



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