Goals and Resolutions

So it’s that time of year again when everyone is making New Year’s resolutions about all the things they want to change within their lives.

Last year, rather than a resolution or two – which, let’s be honest, none of us ever stick to for longer than the month of January – I made a list of 10 goals. Now I thought these were pretty achievable, even for me. They were things like ‘lose weight’ and ‘submit a blog post each month’ and ‘start finishing stories that I start but then leave to start something new’.

Turns out that once I’d written my goals into a new notebook I bought for them, I never looked at the again. Sound familiar? We all do it.

So this year, I’ve set myself a bigger challenge. I have a list of 100 goals. 100 sounds like an awful lot right? Especially when I couldn’t manage the 10 I had last year. But you see; this year is different. This year I have a new outlook on things, thanks to events of the last 6 months, both personal and day job related. I have a support network to help me when I’m feeling low or find myself struggling. I have new friends and colleagues that want me to succeed. And I’m determined to show them that I can.


My goal list is printed and pinned to my notice board at my work area/study at home. It’s stored on my PC, laptop and a memory stick. And I’ve kept it fun. No one wants 100 goals that are all work related, so mine is a good mixture this year. And do you want to know the best part? I’ve got a whole year to complete them. Some are monthly goals, others are as and when I do something. Below are just a couple of examples.

* Read the books in my to be read pile – anyone else have this problem, where books seem to accumulate 10 times quicker than you can actually ready them?

* Complete my current WIP (work in progress) – basically this means stop procrastinating.

*Submit to 5 different writing competitions.

* Visit the zoo (secretly can’t wait for this one!)

* Have a memory jar – by writing each good memory down and keeping it in a jar, I’ll be able to re-read them when I need to most, and remind myself that I’ve had fun this year. Not everything is all doom and gloom even though it feels like it.

* Tie a secret to a balloon, and let it go.

*Finish a colouring book – because I’m a big kid at heart.

So you see, not everything has to be work related. I’ve learnt that in order to live a balanced life I need some downtime where I can relax and have fun. My life gets stressful enough as it is without me adding more to it.

What about you? What are your goals and ambitions for 2013?


My 2013 list of goals

My 2013 list of goals



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