Six Sentence Sunday #3

Welcome to this weeks SSS! As with last weeks, this is taken from my current work in progress. Waldo and Elmore have been preparing for the race around Mount Karoagana and have suffered a few mishaps along the way!

Waldo shouted above the roar of the crowds as he ignited the powder in the small dish suspended on the frame. A bright flash dazed the crowds momentarily as the powder ignited, releasing a shower of hot sparks, until only an iridescent blue flame remained. As Elmore released the ropes from his iron grip, the balloon began rising.

“Wahoooo! It’s working Elmore, it’s actually working!” Waldo beamed at the now silent crown as the balloon carried him higher into the sky. He leaned over the edge of the wicker basket and waved a final farewell to Elmore as the winds carried him towards the mountains.

And there you have it! Comments and feedback welcomed. I hope you enjoyed them and come visit next week for another six. For more great windows into people’s work, please visit Six sentence Sunday here or join in with your own as I did!


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