Sometimes we need reminding

I thought I’d share with you one of the quotes that I have pinned to my inspiration board. It’s one I found while researching on the internet but no longer have the source of. I often read this out loud to myself as a reminder that sometimes, you just need to be patient. It’ll all come together at the end.

“Sometimes, writers stand still in a story. Sometimes, writers just don’t go anywhere with the words. Sometimes, the words are quicksand and the writer is just stuck there, ankle-deep, sinking without knowing how to get loose. There’s no rope to grab (not yet), no helping hand, no good way out. The writer is trapped (trapped in his or her own anxiety and panic, usually), and the adventure is how to get unstuck so you can reach that ancient temple in the middle of the jungle where the treasure, dragons, flying bunnies, prince-you-got-to-save — pick your poison — is waiting for you.

Nothing is going to stop you, of course. Not this little bit of sand sucking on your ankles. You’ll calm down and get loose, with a bit of grit and stubbornness, common sense, and good attitude.

If you are stuck, you will be fine. Nothing sinks forever. Nothing stands still forever.”


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