Hello’s and welcomes!

Welcome! This is my first time posting to my nifty new webpage, that I built myself, I might add. And by ‘built myself’, I mean used a template but added all the content. I hope it becomes my get-away place where I can update progress…or lack thereof…on my ongoing short story series plus the attempts at my first novel.

It’s taking much longer than anticipated as I can’t seem to stop myself from editing as I go. Those little wavy red lines in a word doc drive me to the point of distraction.

I’m also holding down a full-time job to pay my way through life, so my writing has to take a back burner. Until my numbers come up on the lottery that is. *grins*

Oh, I should mention. You’ll find me doing that a lot. I play a MMORPG called Gemstone IV as a way of winding down when stressed, so I’m forever adding *hugs* and *laughs* to things.

So here’s hoping I can turn this into a successful blog and future career!